Best Induction Cooktop (REVIEWS BUYING GUIDE)

Are you in search for the Best Induction Cooktop? If you are craving for the simplicity and faster cooking stoves, then you have no other option other than opting for an efficient best portable induction cooktop. These induction cooktops include temperature and heat controlling options which let you to cook at your own pace. With elegant glass top design and ceramic plate, induction cooktop cookware is must have kitchen appliance in every household. Today, the market is flooded with induction cooktops from leading manufacturers and so, choosing the right one is extremely important. We have come up with a list of top 5 induction cooktops reviews that best suits your fast cooking needs.

Best Rated Induction Cooktop Comparison Chart

  • Ovente BG62B Double Portable Ceramic Induction Cooktop, Black
  • Double burner with 120V, 1800 Watts of power for instant heat
  • Touch technology with 8 Variable temperature levels & safety lock option, auto-off timer
  • LED digital display control panel and high-quality ceramic glass top surface
  • True Induction TI-2C Cooktop, Double Burner, Energy Efficient
  • 1800 Watts between dual 10 inch induction burners that boils 1 cup water in 70 seconds
  • EZ-Touch controls with 10 power settings and safety features
  • Build in Power Sharing technology for even heating
  • True Induction TI-2B Double Burner Induction Cooktop
  • Double Burner Counter Inset Induction unit measuring 28 1/4 x 19 3/4 inches
  • Requires induction compatible cookware
  • Patented power sharing technology energy efficient and standard wall outlet
  • True Induction Mini Duo Md-2b Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop
  • Mini Duo Counter Inset Induction unit measuring 20 1/2 x 14 inches
  • EZ-Touch controls with 10 power settings & built in safety features
  • 110v outlet benefiting from the build in Power Sharing technology
  • Max Burton 6400 Digital Choice Induction Cooktop 1800 Watts LCD Control
  • One-touch Simmer and Boil buttons with a single touch technology
  • Features a Lock to hold settings and 1800W power for faster & efficient heating
  • 180-minute programmable timer for set-and-forget cooking



Ovente BG62B double portable ceramic induction cooktop is appreciated recently for its high-end use and also preferred by a large array of customers, who are hunting for a top induction cooktop in a budget price. Being efficient and versatile, the Ovente powerful induction cooks double the time as fast as the traditional electric and gas range cooktop. It is a popular choice under economic induction cooktops with diverse useful features. Let’s check out the alluring features that this model is known for,

  • Combination of induction and infrared technology

This model is known for the combo of both induction and infrared technology. Such a combo feature is hardly to found on any other portable induction cooktop in the market. The infrared cookies are made with halogen lamps kept over a metal plate free of rust. Those lamps can provide even heating since they are encircled by means of radiant coils. This process directly heats up cookware that is placed over the burner, via infrared radiation. Hence, this Ovente BG62B infrared cooker enables you to cook the food with the minimum amount of heat loss that is known as energy-efficient cooking. Ovente induction delivers as great as ninety percentages energy-efficiency.

  • Easy to install and portable

While talking about induction, the induction cooking process can cook faster than electric, gas or any other ordinary burner. On a normal hectic day, the Ovente BG62B portable double induction cooktop makes you busy mornings and tiring evenings much organized and flexible through its simple control mechanism, including heating performance and quicker cooking service. It is worth mentioning about the portability of Ovente BG62B. When you are celebrating outdoor parties, you can comfortably place the Ovente double burner induction cooktop outside, like home backspace, patio, etc. All that you have to do is plugging in the cooktop to 120-volt port that is usually found in any standard home. This double induction cooktop is also convenient to be carried with luggage.

  • Versatile pan compatibility

The most favorable feature of this Ovente BG62B infrared induction cooktop is that it is compatible with all types of cooking vessels. Not like the typical induction hobs, it is not restricted to use with metal based pans alone. With Ovente BG62B model, you can use several old collections of enameled, stainless steel and cast iron pans and pots. It will prevent you from buying additional pans that are built specifically for induction hobs. It is this feature that makes this model ideal from any other portable induction hobs in the market.

  • Heat setting

Versatility in heat settings is the foremost feature that will tempt you to buy Ovente BG62B induction cooktop. It can able to produce 1800 watts of heating power at the maximum. Every control panel features programmable temp levels. The two burners will cook together, sharing the heating power in a very effective way.

  • Timer options

Due to the feature of exclusive 5 programmed timer level of this Ovente BG62B double burner ceramic induction cooktop, you can program the burner for a range of functions, like stir frying, boiling, and melting and so on.


The true induction cooktop double burner is a popular model that has been intended to work either as a regular stove top replacement or a special appliance that can be easily tucked away while being used. It is perfectly fit to use in small spaces and in RVs. It makes use of energy saving technology that can heat food evenly and quickly, saving you money and reducing the cook time. Some of the incredible features of this model are:-

  • Extreme safety

Instead of using heat and flame to make food temperature more, the cooktop works by better energizing the molecules in the pan used. This is a very safer technique of cooking that does not involve open flame or also heats being produced from the cooktop. This also refers that small spaces will not get more residual heat out of cooking.

  • Compact size double burner

Though it is a double burner device, indicating it is larger than a single burner induction cooktop, still designed in a manner that is easy to stow away while not being used and compact. This is the best feature as most of the top rated induction cooktops are not utilized as permanent stovetop replacements. However, as it is a larger sized countertop induction cooker, it can stand up better to daily usage and remain as a great alternative for your stovetop if that is what you want with it.

  • Safety features

You would have experienced getting minor burns while using your previous hob. These 2 burner induction cooktop will make these kinds of hurts a thing of past. The only spot, where you should be attentive in terms of heat is the place where cookware sets. However, while you remove it and miss to turn the heat off, these models will automatically power off. This prevents overheating and assists with energy efficiency.

  • Easy use feature

With this model, you can get the benefit of touch-type control panel along with LED digital displays that are easy to read and comfortable places beside the burners. The surface is flat completely, so you need not have to deal with any of those troublesome crevasses that can be hard to clean. Moreover, due to the materials used, you can able to clean the cooktop with the regular everyday cleaner at the rest of the surfaces. The temperature controls are accurate and you can decide between the ranges from 150 to 450 Fahrenheit that offers you a huge scope with the type of food you cook.

  • Energy efficient

Induction heating refers that you only get heat if you need it. You have about 1800 watts of power, which can be used with the help of both burners. This is a notable feature as unlike other best induction cooktops in the market that generate the wattage evenly among each other, whereas these will enable you to get say, seventy percentages up with one and thirty percentages with other. This makes the model suitable in terms of energy efficiency and it even facilitates you to cook 2 completely different kinds of foods simultaneously.


True induction S2F3 counter inset model is a model that is known as a high-capacity as well as a faster induction countertop cooktop. It works through magnetic field for heating up induction pans. It can able to cook quicker than any ordinary burner. A great advantage of this two-burner induction cooktop is that it is highly energy efficient. In fact, while you cook with any kind of standard electric or gas range, the heat developed by the burner will pass on over the entire burner surface and also in the air. In such cases, only a little portion of the heat is utilized to cook or warm the food. The electric induction cooktop can employ only forty and sixty percentages heat correspondingly. However, while you cook using this true induction countertop S2F3, it could heat up the pan alone. It enables the least amount of heat loss in the surrounding. It can save the electric bill, energy and time.

Why countertop double burner model is the best?

When you want to cook for more than four days every day, a double burner can help make your job easier. The ordinary Best Induction Cooktop comes featured with 2 set control panels, with one for each of the burner. To be simple, purchasing a double cooktop, you can take favor of the benefit of 2 cookers yet paying for only one. When you do not want to cook outdoor, a counter inset model is a smart choice. It will appear like a major part of your kitchen. Unlike the compact burner, it will not block any space. Thus, while preparing the ingredients for cooking, like meat or vegetables, you will find a seamless surface. You need not have to move it when you clean the counter.

  • Excellent design

The foremost aspect of this true induction S2F3 is that it is a flawless glass surface. It is engineered by means of a ceramic glass known as Schott-Ceran, Germany made. It is a smooth glass that is scratch-proof. It can even resist the shatter or chip and also high heat. You can easily install this counter inset burner on your kitchen counter top. You can also make use of it as a highly portable burner since it has a light-weight body. This double burner stands 2 heating zones.

  • Original EZ controls

This true induction burner cooktop comes with a double set of control panels. Each set is placed below induction ring on every burner. The EZ controls are highly touched sensitive. From the right to left side, the controls are assembled in the order of,

  • Power on/off
  • Timer
  • Temp
  • Heat
  • + and –
  • LED display
  • Safety features

The true induction cooktop S2F3 has a temperature sensor. It can check when the unit reaches a minimum of 122 degrees Fahrenheit within six minutes duration once the heat level is set. There is also an automatic shut-off sensor featured in this double induction cooktop S2F3. The burner will give a beep and LED readout will be displaying EE code to alert the user before shutting off.


If you are looking to purchase the best induction cooktop with a compact design and extremely efficient, then True Induction Mini Duo MD-2B Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop would be the right choice for you. This dual induction cooktop comes with multiple functions which could transform your cooking experience into pleasing moments. This device is easy to operate and you will definitely love the features included in it. This professional induction cooktop is developed based on various advanced technologies and so, you are sure to get the right value for your money. This is even appropriate for a small kitchen with limited countertop space. Get ready to take pleasure in the wonderful cooking experience.


True Induction has made a new revolution by incorporating EX touch controls in its induction Cooktops. These control options make it easier for people to use this device much easier and without any complications. You can separate controls for the duo exclusively for Power, Timer, Lock, Menu On and +/-. You will also find the information related to timer, power, temperature and lock on the display.


With a single piece of black, elegant ceramic glass surface, this True Induction Mini Duo cooktop is the perfect combination of advanced technology and modern design. It is just enough to wipe the cooktop with a piece of cloth to clean the surface. As it is very shiny and looks polished, you have to clean it after every spill to maintain its elegance.

Heating elements:

The dual burner cooktop of True Induction Mini Duo separates it from the counterparts. Regardless of its dual models, True Induction Mini Duo MD-2B Counter Inset Double Burner Induction Cooktop utilizes only around 1800 watts. Moreover, they are designed with power sharing technology, which means that these two burners will be consuming only 900 watts each. So, you need not have to worry about increasing power bills. This innovative technology used in True Induction cooktop makes the most of the cooking power from the standard household electrical outlet of 110V. Moreover, it makes use of high-end magnetic-based technology, which means that the food will be cooked much faster by consuming less power.

Indicator/ Sensors:

This Induction Cooktop includes a sensor which can indicate whether or not you are using induction compatible cooking wares. You can determine whether a specific utensil is appropriate for this induction or not using a magnet. If the magnet sticks to the cookware, then it can be used for True Induction Mini Duo. The manufacturer has included two fans which cool the product after every use.

Safety Features:

This Cooktop is regarded as the pinnacle of safety. It includes a number of safety features and safety controls and so, you need not have to worry about using it. This cooktop can be used even by individuals with less experience in preparing and cooking meals. So, this is the right tool that helps you to cook and prepare meals very quickly without any worries.


Induction cooktop has become an integral part of cooking. With this device, one can cook food within a short time and so, you need not have to stand in the kitchen for hours. While there are several best buy induction cooktop available in the market, Max Burton induction cooktop with LCD control stands out from the counterparts in terms of its innovative features. This magnetic induction cooktop looks smarter than a conventional gas stove. It uses a high-frequency induction coil to heat the pot and cook food. It is designed to be more convenient and user-friendly with lots of safety features.

Let us have a deep look at the features of Max Burton Induction Cook Top:

Design features:

Max Burton 1800 Watt portable Induction Cooktop looks sleek and elegant and makes your kitchen area appealing. Weighing just around 7.8 pounds with the dimension of 13.5 x 12.5 x 2.6 inches, this cooktop is easily portable.

This pretty, lightweight cooktop is available in black color with stainless steel border. It gets a premium look with a perfectly angled control panel that looks different from other cooktops. This control panel includes an LCD display which makes it easier for you to make some functional adjustments. This best single induction cooktop comes with a top covering made with ceramic glass that renders seamless performance. There are around 15 temperature mode setting and 10 heat mode settings in the control panel. In addition, simmer and boil buttons are also included in the control panel.

Safety features:

Max Burton magnificent cooktop includes a superb feature of ETL under UL 1026 standard. This high-performance induction cooktop has four smart sensors which can interpret and indicate any error function in the form of codes shown on the LED display. These command codes are E0 for pan detection sensor, E01 for excessive heat detection, E02 for overheating of Ceramic Glass, E03 for incorrect voltage sensor.

Portability and energy efficient:

As already mentioned that Max Burton weighs just around 7.8 pounds, it is highly portable. It also has a very compact size, which means that it occupies only a less space in your kitchen. Moreover, you can also carry this appliance along with you when you go on for a vacation. This is definitely a worthy kitchen partner. This cooktop consumes very less energy and so, you need not worry about your utility bills. Moreover, its power settings and various temperature settings allows you to cook food without wasting the power and energy. The temperature controls can be easily adjusted with a single touch on the control panel.


The quick heating time and fast cooking prevented many people from spending several hours in the kitchen. You will be pleased with the simmer and boiling controls including in this Max Burton induction cooktop. Its burner size is quite larger and so, you can even cook in bigger pots. This compact, portable, ultimate cooktop is a must have appliance for every kitchen.



You might have understood that these induction cooktops are created for convenience and safety in terms of cooking. Working based on magnetic technology, the top induction cooktop reduces the cooking time and set you free from the kitchen. Moreover, you can prepare several dishes within a short time as it takes only minimum time for cooking food. If convenience and safety are the great concerns for you, then the induction cooktops definitely meet your needs. These ceramic cooktops are highly durable, strong and easy to clean. When you take high-end features into consideration, these Best Induction cooktop is really worth their prices.




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